We accept womens luxury clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery. Items should be in excellent condition and freshly dry-cleaned or laundered before consignment. Don't worry about ironing as we steam everything before it hits the floor. Email us if you have any mens designer/street wear clothing.

Once you've decided what to consign, either come in anytime we're open or email us at admin@consignerscloset.com.au with detailed information on the items. We will review the items and decide if they are suited for our collection.

We pride ourselves on the stock we have to offer, which is a highly edited selection of designer items. We do not accept all submissions but take all enquiries seriously and appreciate your time and consideration.


We carefully evaluate, authenticate, price and sell your items. We have a team with vast up-to-date knowledge on current fashion and trends and have a large database that helps sell your items fast. Your items will be added to our online consignment software where you can view our pricing and watch when it sells. 

Please note that if you consign a high-end bag without any receipt or authenticity then we will have it authenticated using our Entrupy device. Entrupy authenticates the top 15 luxury brands using artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision techniques. This process will cost $30 per bag and you will be charged at time of authentication. We will pass on the certificate of authentication if your bag doesn't sell with us.


Once your items are added to our online software and you’re happy with the pricing, we’ll keep your items on our shelves for four months.

  • First two months at full price
  • Second month at 30% off
  • Two weeks at 50%
  • And the final two weeks at 70% 

When your item sells you will receive a percentage of the sale price. This percentage varies depending on the final price of your item:

For items valued under $500 the consignor receives 50% of the final price 

For items valued between $501 and $999 the consignor receives 55% of the final price

For items valued between $1,000 and $1,999 the consignor receives 60% of the final price

For items valued over $2,000 and $4,999 the consignor receives 70% of the final price

For items valued over $5,000 the consignor receives 80% of the final price

Choose to be paid by direct deposit, cash in store if it's under $100 or a cheque in store. We process direct deposits on request every Wednesday. If you do not ask us for a transfer then it will not be completed. If your item does not sell you will not be charged. If you change your mind and wish to pick up your items please contact us on admin@consignerscloset.com.au and we will organise your items to be collected in store. Please give us 24 hours notice if you wish to collect any unsold items before the consignment end date.
If your items do not sell, we'll send you a text when the consignment period is over & are given a two week period to collect your remaining items or donate them on your behalf to charity. 



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