Meet Our CC Team

MICHELLE - Owner/Operator

Michelle is the Owner and Operator of Consigner's Closet since 2016. Michelle was working as an employee of CC when she bought the business and has successfully expanded it into the online sphere, as well as making modern renovations to our beautiful Nedlands store. Michelle is always looking for the next best thing (and the next designer gem to sell!)

LINDA - Floor Sales

Linda has worked as part of the Consigner's team for over a decade, a very special part of the Consigner's family that all our walk in customers know and love.

BRENDA - Floor Sales

Brenda is our second sales gun who regulars also know and love. She's been with us for quite a few years now, and is known for her flare of visual merchandising, especially when it comes to our holiday window displays. 

SIAN - eCommerce

Initially brought on as our photographer, Sian expanded into the role of photographer, marketing, design and eCommerce quickly. Sian is responsible for launching CC into the online space, and taking us to the next level! She has recently made the move to Melbourne and is at RMIT University or Fashion, and continues to work with us remotely to bring you the latest arrivals. Sian also sells some of her own consignment from Melbourne under the name House of Alma. 

NAOMI - Marketing, Design and eCommerce

Initially brought on to serve as Sian's replacement in 2020, COVID-19 changed our plans a little and Naomi was lucky enough to work alongside with Sian as a team for a whole year before now taking on more responsibility with our online space, marketing and design. Naomi has studied both photography and graphic design at North Metropolitan TAFE and Billy Blue College of Design, and continues to work as a freelance illustrator when she's not in our office.

SHERIDAN - Photography and eCommerce

Our newest arrival! Sheridan has joined the team recently after Sian's departure and primarily working in our eCommerce photography department, although she is an all-rounder and like all of us, happily takes on multiple tasks. Sheridan is currently studying photography at North Metropolitan TAFE.