THE FASHION SIZING MYSTERY: The power of trying on.

THE FASHION SIZING MYSTERY: The power of trying on.

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One of the things we love most about the fashion industry is the ever-changing trends and styles, but one constant frustration we heard about from shoppers at Consigner's Closet is the sizing discrepancies between brands, as well as the confusion of international sizing standards.
What is a perfect fit in one label could be a completely different size in another. Or an Italian 40 is not the same fit as a French 40. This can cause such confusion, frustration and dissatisfaction, especially when shopping online. 
 These inconsistencies exist due to a combination of historical reasons, marketing strategies and evolving body shapes. A standard in sizing was introduced back in the 1940’s, however, many brands very quickly started to introduce their individual standards in an effort to be more size inclusive. This move now means what was a size 8 today could be equal to a size 12 some decades ago. Also, different designers have different target markets which leads to these variations to appeal to a variety demographics.
At the end of the day, size is just a number. Our clothes are meant to fit our bodies, not the other way around. Read on to see how we can help you feel your best in your pre-loved pieces, regardless of the number on the tag.
The Fitting Room Is Your Best Friend!
Due to the nature of consignment, we will usually only have one size in each style. If you see something you LOVE that's not your size - you might be pleasantly surprised. We love seeing our customers in store and love even more encouraging them to be adventurous. Our floor staff can often be heard saying "size means nothing... just try it on!".
We will always do our best to show you new things and maybe even a designer you’ve never tried before. Isabel Marant, Victoria Beckham and Rixo are three such designers whose sizing can be varied. Bias cut styles, rib knit fabrics and oversized styles can allow a comfortable fit for a range of sizes and body types. By jumping in the fitting room and physically trying things on, you can see how a designer sizing and style suits different shapes and helps you find what enhances your best assets.
 Finding Your Best Fit
We are fortunate enough to have a qualified stylist, Jessie, on our sales team here at Consigner's Closet. Our lovely Linda also has many years of experience offering a helping hand in the fitting room. Our friendly team is always happy to offer advice, alternatives and styling tips as we know our pre loved stock so well... you can trust us when we say the size 6 fits like a 12 or vice versa.
Can’t make it in store? Don’t worry! Head over to Instagram for our weekly Edits where our team try on our latest pieces in a wide variety of styles and sizes. We will always mention if the item is a smaller or larger fit to the sizing on the tag. If you're still unsure, we are always happy to answer any specific questions or send more photos and/or measurements.
It’s no secret that finding clothes that fit well makes us feel good. Wearing something because it is flattering, regardless of the size on the tag, definitely makes us feel more empowered and confident. This is a big reason as to why we do not sort our clothing by size in store - all the more reason to explore each piece and broaden your style horizons!
As much as we love fashion, these inconsistencies can be frustrating - but don’t let that deter you from enjoying all the fun fashion brings to our lives. Embrace the fitting room and try it on, or let us do it for you. This will empower you to make confident fashion choices that celebrate who you are. Let’s not focus on the size but embrace the way the amazing pre-loved pieces we have make you feel.
Visit us in store at 31 Hampden Road, Nedlands from 10am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday to find your pre-loved style.

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