CC STYLE EDIT: European Summer

CC STYLE EDIT: European Summer

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Are you one of the lucky ones planning on strolling through the streets of Paris and escaping the Perth winter? Sipping cocktails in Mykonos, delighting in the pristine beaches of Croatia or cycling through the colourful tulip fields of Amsterdam, planning your European summer wardrobe is a key part of making the most of your trip.
Here at Consigner's Closet, we have the perfect pre-loved pieces to help you express yourself.  Whether it be with toned down practical neutrals or if you’re feeling more bold and daring we have colourful and exciting designer pieces that will rival the chicest of Italians on the streets of Milan.

Pack your bags and let’s dive right in to make memories you’ll never forget!

Linen Trousers

There is nothing more chic and versatile than linen trousers. They represent the ultimate in comfort and sophistication and can be dressed up or down. Match yours with a basic tank or even your bathing suit. Wear them on the plane to get maximum use out of them. A must have for any travel wardrobe!

Oversized Shirts and Jackets

Oversized shirts and jackets are still having a moment at Consigner's Closet. We have a constant stream of pre-loved pieces rotating through our store. The crisp cotton from Blanca are so versatile. Wear yours as a shirt at the beach, open over a slip dress as a jacket or for the brave, belted as a mini dress with some cool Chloe platforms to dance the night away.
Matteau 'Banana Palm' silk shirt and top set

Sneakers & Sandals

Those who have travelled to Europe know one of the main forms of transport is walking and the only footwear for this is a pair of sneakers. Consigner's Closet always have the best and bold pairs of Golden Goose available in a variety of sizes... or those who want a sportier look, some preloved Adidas x Yeezys definitely fit the bill. Although nothing can beat a simple and elegant pair of white leather sneakers, local designer Flannel do the perfect pair.

Long days on the beach call for some sleek sandals that can take you from day to night. Impressive and classic is the ultimate Chanel Dad Sandal – play it smart by getting yours pre owned.

Dress to impress….but also for comfort!

Keep it simple and fun. Packing a few dresses that can take you from the beach to the bar is the key to practical European summer style. We have a huge range of slip dresses from Flannel, Silk Laundry and local designer Amare. Worn alone or with your oversized linen shirt, you’ll always look ready for anything.

Dancing the night away at Club 55 in St Tropez calls for something special.  Australian brand Zimmermann is so popular overseas now, your entourage will be impressed with your fun and easy to wear pre-loved pieces.
Buying second hand means you can indulge in more than one piece, so why not show off your golden tan in the ‘Lovestruck’ ruffle maxi dress (above), or keep it short and sweet in a broderie Aje 'Salita' skirt & top set.

Accessories are a key player in keeping your travel wardrobe fresh and always looking new.  A sun hat is a must have and to keep it easy to pack, go for something that can be folded. The classic Prada nylon bucket hat is an en point piece this European summer, or for something more classic, Perez does the perfect straw Panama hat.
Prada nylon bucket hat and Perez Panama hat on neutral linen backround

Mix up your look by throwing your Fendi Ballerina print scarf over your shoulders on a cooler night, then tomorrow wear it as a head scarf!

A bold necklace from Mountain & Moon, or a simple gold chain bracelet from By Charlotte will be sure to elevate any outfit. 
Mountain and Moon pendant necklace with By Charlotte zodiac charm bracelet on neutral linen background

Wherever you’re going, we love nothing more at Consigner's Closet than a chance to help our customers look chic and ready for fun on a budget. We pride ourselves on selecting the very best of Australian and European brands from our consigners.
Whatever the occasion or season, Consigner's Closet has it for you in our Nedlands store! Pop in for some perfect pre-loved pieces at 31 Hampden Road, Nedlands.

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