STELLA MCCARTNEY: Pioneer for ethical luxurious fashion.

STELLA MCCARTNEY: Pioneer for ethical luxurious fashion.

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Why We Love Stella McCartney

"Nature is in my blood. The environment has always been a top priority for me."
– Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney
Never a truer word has been spoken and lived than this by English fashion icon Stella McCartney. Growing up in the English countryside as a lifelong vegetarian we are not surprised by the passion McCartney feels for the environment.

Since the launch of her label in 2001, Stella McCartney has been a pioneer for ethical but luxurious fashion, she has never waived in her refusal to use fur or leather in her collections. Stella McCartney makes it a priority to engage in partnerships that help to create long term solutions to live her pledge of contributing to sustainability within the fashion world.

One such partnership is with the International Trade Centre, a Geneva based agency who assist matching luxury labels with African artisans to create tote bags made in Nairobi. This collaboration encouraged industry in small communities, provides a purpose and employment to people who would not normally get these opportunities.

The Stella McCartney Fashion House has a firm commitment to the creation of high-end luxury with as little impact as possible on the environment. She is inspired by this commitment to make every action count and to create cutting edge materials and animal alternatives, all the while celebrating the beauty of the world with providing us with pieces we covet here at Consigner's Closet.

Stella McCartney Pants & Coat from Consigner's Closet
"We are change agents; we are activists. We stand up and speak for Mother Earth, our fellow animals and in solidarity with all humans."
- From Stella McCartney Website

Here at Consigner's Closet we salute Stella McCartney for her dedication to a cause we also try our best to uphold. Visit us in store or shop online here to see what amazing creations we have by this amazing artist and activist.

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